Current Members (internal lets)

  1. Internal lets will be considered at the end of the allotment year in November only (ie, when rents are due).
  2. Current plot holders must submit requests in writing to the Lettings Officer via the site post box between 15 October and 15 November, for an additional half plot, or to move plots (eg, to a full plot or different half).
  3. These will considered by the committee promptly and prioritised over external requests at this point in the year. They will also be prioritised by length of membership of the plot holder, gardening record, post prompt payment of rent and contribution to the upkeep of the whole site (work party days). If we are able to allocate you a plot, this will be confirmed by 30 November.
  4. Should any plots remain following the internal lettings process, these will be let to the external waiting list.
  5. One exception to the above: If a half plot becomes vacant during the year and the member on the corresponding half would like the second half, they can apply at any time to take over both halves and return this to one full plot [to be ratified at Autumn AGM 2020].

Lettings Procedure: Amended February 2020

or : Site post box on side of shed

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